The REAS Group

The Real Estate Associated Services (REAS Group) Inc. is an organization dedicated to being an approved Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) continuing education provider. The REAS Group was formed in 2000 when mandatory continuing education credits were made a requirement of license renewal.

With RECO's approval the REAS Group offers continuing education credit courses on a regular basis. We offer in-classroom courses in subjects areas that are specifically related to real estate. Offerings include Code of Ethics, Discovery & Disclosure, Legal Protection, and others, see our course catalog for a comprehensive list. All of our instructors have extensive work experience in the subject areas they teach enabling them to illustrate material with examples from real life. See our main web site for more details.

REAS Group also contracts with real estate associations and brokerages to offer registrants MCE credit courses at special rates in convenient locations.

In 2006 and 2007 REAS Group organized successful Seminar Cruises. Participants were able to take MCE credit courses, including the mandatory Real Estate Update (Residential) while cruising in the Caribbean. The success of these ventures has lead to the organization of a Seminar Cruise for 2008.

The REAS Group
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